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Indigo Logistics Terms and Conditions

Indigo Logistics and courier services




  • All tariffs exclusive of VAT and fuel surcharge
  • Indigo Logistics is not responsible for loss, damage or theft.
  • Insurance can be arranged at your request.
  • IATA regulations apply in the packaging and transportation of hazardous or dangerous goods.


Weight and Volumetric Checks

All consignments will be weighed and measured by Indigo Logistics. Should the weights or measurements vary from those provided by the client, the weights and measurements determined by Indigo Logistics shall apply.


Volumetric Calculation

All shipments are charged by actual mass or volume, whichever is greater. The volume of a consignment is determined by multiplying the length by the width by height in centimetres (cm) and dividing by the appropriate conversion rate below:

  • Sameday Express - 5000 cm cm/kg
  • Dawn Delivery - 5000 cm cm/kg
  • Overnight Courier - 5000 cm cm/kg
  • Economy Service - 5000 cm cm/kg
  • International Documents - 5000 cm cm/kg
  • International Non Documents - 5000 cm cm/kg
  • International Airfreight - 5000 cm cm/kg
  • International Road Freight - 4000 cm cm/kg


Customs Documentation

All non-document consignments require customs documentation.


Temporary Exports

We must be advised of any goods that are being exported temporarily and which will subsequently be returned to the Republic of South Africa, i.e. goods being sent out of the country for repair or demonstration purposes and which will be returning to the Rand monetary area within a specified period. A DA65 will then be processed. Any identifiable markings or serial numbers must be listed on our accompanying Performa invoice and NEP form together with the accompanying air-waybill.


Dangerous Goods

It is the responsibility of the Shipper of goods to ensure that the consignment is not dangerous or hazardous for carriage by air. There are various international and domestic regulations governing the transportation of dangerous goods. Please ensure that your dispatch staff adhere to these regulations. Should there be any doubt as to whether your shipment will be classified as dangerous or hazardous or is a restricted article, please contact your Indigo office. Any goods classified as dangerous/hazardous for carriage by air must be brought to Indigo Logistics' attention. Warning labels and declarations must accompany the goods and be packed in accordance with the applicable IATA regulations. Delays prior to dispatch may be incurred.  Rates for hazardous/dangerous goods will be quoted per shipment.


Indigo Logistics recommends contacting DPGA (Dangerous Goods Packers for Air) to take the stress out of complying with dangerous goods regulations. DPGA is registered with the CAA and IATA. Remember to tell DPGA that you got their name from Indigo Logistics!


Restricted Goods

The following items are prohibited and will not be accepted as courier material:

  • Dangerous or hazardous goods
  • Dry ice
  • Flammable or toxic goods
  • Valuable jewelry, diamonds, gold, etc
  • Money cash, coins, negotiable documents, travelers cheques
  • Firearms (weaponry and other weaponry parts)
  • Gambling devices
  • Foodstuffs and perishables
  • Live animals or plants

Additional restrictions may apply to certain countries. Should you wish to send any of the above items please contact us so that we can arrange correct mode of transport. Tariffs will be dependent of the commodity and final destination country.



Certain goods are restricted for carriage due to customs requirements, airline restrictions or their hazardous nature. It is the responsibility of the shipper to ensure that goods are not restricted, hazardous or dangerous for carriage by air or by road. Please contact Indigo Logistics for advise on any restricted goods. Various types of hazardous cargo must be packed in a prescribed manner by an approved packer. The cost of special packing will be for the shippers account and may delay the dispatching of the shipment.



Insurance is offered on request. Alexander Forbes are the Indigo insurance brokers.

  • Each waybill covered up to actual value of ZAR500-00.
  • Consequential damage is unfortunately not covered.
  • Insurance claims need to be backed by Invoices.
  • Glass, porcelain is NOT covered unless professionally packaged.



Packaging is offered. We are able to assess and arrange crating & wrapping.


Conditions of Carriage

All business is undertaken in terms of the Indigo Terms and Conditions of Carriage.


Credit Application

To open an account, please complete the necessary documentation:


Credit Terms

Credit terms are strictly 30 days from date of statement. Accounts must be paid by direct bank transfer. Cash payments may only be made at Indigo Logistics.


Collections From Other Countries

For collections from other locations, contact Indigo Logistics who will arrange the collection on your behalf.


Proof of Delivery

Proof of deliveries are available via different methods:


Mode of Transport

We use a variety of transport modes to effect delivery of shipments to final destination. The decision as to which mode of transport is utilized, will at all times be at the discretion of Indigo Logistics and will depend on prevailing circumstances.


Value Added Tax

All tariffs quoted exclude VAT. Please note however that International Export shipments are zero rated and therefore do not attract VAT.


After Hours Contact Numbers

Indigo Logistics operates a 24 hour service in Johannesburg. Should you require assistance after hours, please call: 083 453 0012.


Chain Store/Embassy Deliveries

A surcharge will apply for any back door collections or delivery to any Chain Store, Embassy or Consulate countrywide. Should an attempted collection or delivery be made to an Embassy, and result in non collection/delivery being effected due to administration problems beyond our control, the surcharge will still be levied.


Fuel Surcharge

A fuel surcharge will be levied on all domestic and international consignments. This surcharge is based on the fluctuation of fuel prices. Indigo Logistics reserves the right to increase such surcharge without prior notice.


Currency Surcharge Fluctuation

This is applicable on international zones.  Indigo Logistics reserves the right to charge a fluctuating surcharge based on the prevailing rate of exchange i.e.: Rand versus major currency.


Downloadable Documents

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