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Courier, freight, packaging, distribution, logistics, office and printing services.

"Guys, you're the best there is… Julie has done amazing things for us and all the orchestra libraries in SA and we're very grateful for the excellent service and care that she and Indigo provides. Thato should get a gold medal for the various crazy things he's had to do. You're always highly recommended to any new client we have. We would be in a very bad way without you. :-)"
- Daniel Neal, February 2014

"Dear Julie and Thato.
Thank you for your most efficient service this past year :-)"
- Gadija Gordon, December 2013

"Thank you for the great
service once again – we can
always count on Indigo"
- Rene Devy, November 2013

"Well done Thato and Team!
Such a pleasure dealing
with reliable suppliers!"
- Shonelle Deolall, November 2013

"Julie Robinson and her company Indigo Logistics have at all times and continue to provide excellent printing and courier services."
- Brenda Tanner, October 2013

"Julie and her team at Indigo Logistics deliver great service every time. Her team are great and some of the best in the industry."
- Suzanne Cohen, October 2013



Indigo Logistics and Indigo Office Services

Are you looking for logistic and courier services, or office and printing services? Indigo will take care of all these needs with expertise and attention to detail.


The Indigo group of companies began in 1998 with the establishment of Indigo Logistics International. The company focuses on the leveraging of courier, distribution and packaging logistics; we provide a full range of courier services.


With the logistics side of the business firmly established, we introduced Indigo Offices Services with our flagship walk-in business centre in Killarney Mall in Johannesburg. During 2012 we introduced a full range of instant print facilities and services.


Personal attention - exceptional service - peace of mind!


Level 2 BBBEE Certification

Indigo Logistics has achieved a Level 2 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment rating - click to view certificate.



Indigo is a member of the Progressive Business Forum, whose primary objective is creating an ongoing dialogue between government and the business community.